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Artist Statement

I follow the light, wheter it is first light, before the sun rises or after it has set to follow the stars in the sky. Much preparation and planning oges into getting that perfect shot. It is not all by chance, although it is amazing when that does happen. I thoroughly research and scout an area for possible compositions. I study the weather that often changes hough by hour. I also track the Milky Way galaxy and the stars. Throughout the seasons, the sstars can be higher or lower in the sky and the Milky Way will arch or straighten at certain times of the year. I plan my shots with all this in mind before I even take my camera out. 

I use both a full frame and crop sensor digital camera. With night photography, a wide-angle lens is a must with a high ISO to let in as much light as possible. I use a variety of apertures often as wide as 2.8mm to capture the all lights of the night sky.

I hike deep into canyons, wade up a river, shooting barely above the water, scramble over hillsides and set out long before the sun rises to capture that light, that glow, that moment. 

I am honored to have my work hanging in many private collections in Eastern Oregon. I have been a Featured Artist with continual showings of my work in galleries, retail shows, commercial buildings and outdoor festivals. 

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